The bedrooms

The bedrooms The living room The terrace

If you prefer your friends or relatives’ company, the following options are available :
3 bedrooms with double beds (two bedrooms are fully equipped with shower and toilets, 2 dormitories for 4 or 6 persons. (showers and toilets on the same floor).


The bedrooms description

Coste Blaou

Chambre coste blaou.jpg


With apparent larch logs.

Cosy, with individual shower and toilets. Roomy enough for an additional bed

La Juliane

vue depuis la chambre de la Juliane


Same characteristics. The difference is the lovely view of the valley. Perfect to admire the snowy landscape without moving from under your quilt !
La Trancoulette



Small, simple but comfortable. Quiet intimacy for the same price as in a dormitory.

The dormitories

dortoir.jpg (56114 octets)


Ideal to share with the familly or friends. Accomodate 4 or 6 persons. Showers and toilets on the first floor.