La table d'hôte

The best way to discover a region is through its gastronomy

Here it has been influenced by the proximity of nearby regions such as Savoy, Italy and Provence, but still  favours simple products. In La Juliane, depending on seasons, you will be able to taste Emilie Carles’ renowned soup made with wild herbs, along with white dead nettle soup, spinach fritters called « tourtons », potato pies (« taillons), sausages with cabbage, and many more !

After a day’s skiing, you will literally melt for a cheese fondue or some « tartiflette » - roasted potatoes with bacon and cheese. (but please remember to order in advance.)

If after all, you’re ready for more exotic dishes, you can also ask for a « tajine »- a preparation of stewed lamb with lemon, or for a Kashmir chicken recipe.










plantin lancéolé

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